Alright, at the moment. I am as Bored As Possible (BAP). So, I'm going to be putting my stories on this blog. You know, the stories I write when you people never show up. So, on with the story. NONE OF THESE STORIES GO BY THE GAMES EXCEPT FOR TRIBUTES! (And there is one or two that don't really circle around the tributes)

Story 1 - Story Of The First Kiss (Mariette)

Contrary to popular belief and to what everyone thinks, I never had a "first kiss" before Talon Rosedain. Call me odd, call me an idiot, call me a loser. Do whatever you want, but he was my first kiss. No, I wouldn't tell him that directly, you know, considering his past with girls. No, this is how it all went down though, the kiss, my first kiss, with the person who I would spend an eternity with.

I had fallen asleep on the couch next to Marek Ghoulden, and Talon took some pictures he really shouldn't of taken. Now, of course, being myself, when I woke up, and saw him, I was close to beating the living crap outta him. I chased him through the house, we had a couple arguments along the way.

Now, I had chased him down a dead end hallway. Doors locked, and I was blocking the only exit.

We had a huge argument before I had pinned him against the wall.

The look in his eyes, I wouldn't of picked up on it before, but he was looking into my eyes, and his were filled with concern and something I probably would of never picked up on before. Something... New to me.

I demanded once more for the camera, and commented on how embarassing it was and how childish he was acting for not giving it to me.

I was in the middle of saying another comment when he suddenly kissed me.

Of course, it being my first kiss, I was unsure. Shocked, I guess you could say.

He pulled me closer to himself, and then I felt more reassured, I guess. I don't know, I just felt... safe in his arms.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

He doesn't really seem that taken aback. Infact, he even starts to smile through the kiss and pulls me as close and possible to his body.

Now of course, what feels like a few seconds can feel like an eterenity.

Well that eternity was cut short by Luna Snare. She cleared her throat at the end of the hallway and instantly Talon and I broke apart.

The rest of that day is for another story.

So yes, my first kiss was with Talon Rosedain. Call me whatever you want, it was with him. Think of me differently, I really don't care. He was my first kiss, and really, I may not be able to tell it to his face, but I know he wouldn't think of me differently. Never in a million years.

Story 2 - When Idiots Follow You (Filivena)

Back in District 8, people weren't very... Smart. Especially the children. Well, I was homeschooled, yes, but I did lead a groupd of kids, not a big group, just a little posse. Ya know, to give me a taste of leadership.

Any way, the group consisted of me, and probably some of the dumbest people ever in the world. Casey, Annabeth, Yukon, Ethan.

I was the only smart one of the group. But then again, being the smart one has advantages.

You can trick people into doing things and they won't know right from wrong. Tell them something so utterly stupid and they will believe you. It was simple, joyous bliss.

Of course, I stayed in the shadows. They never questioned one thing I ever did. Didn't suspect a thing.

The thing is with these people, you do have to be careful and space out things. Keep it low and strike when necessary. Of course, my father knew of the group, just not of me being the leader. He suspected either Yukon or Annabeth, but was clueless. I would always lie, which was easy for me, when asked if I had any information about the group from my father. Not even my sisters knew.

Which isn't such a great thing. Mariette has the nose of a bloodhound. She can sniff one lie of a person and instantly tells my father. His favorite of us, got most of his attention, and yet it wasn't a bad thing either.

Cirena was easy to trick up, the girl has a 2 second attention spand. She may have the temper of a wolverine, but a short attention spand. She was easy.

Mariette was my one problem. How do you trick a bloodhound so easily? Luckily, I did, shocking enough. I just kept my lies subtle, tried to play it cool, which I did, and soon got out of her way.

I got to lead my group. That is..

Until the Reapings for the First Pain Games. Cirena was reaped. I rarely left my house and when I did, it was to get food. And then her death came around and we moved to District 10, as the mayor there had died, his entire family. My father was a smart yet stupid man. He took the job and moved us to the worst district ever.

But of course, another story. My little urchins have probably died now, having lost their leader and having no one else to lead them. But I don't know. Nor care.

Story 3 - What If...? (Mariette)

So many things running through my head at once! How this all would be different if events had been different also!

I mean, what if Talon and I had never kissed? Or what if Luna hadn't of interupted the kiss? How far would we have gone on that night?

Questions... So many of them. I just need answers!

What if instead of loving Seb, I never really loved anyone? My god, just so many things! My head is spinning with the need for answers!

So many questions, coming so fast. I'm losing track of time and of everything! How long have I been sitting here, thinking of how my life would be different?

What if I was never reaped? Would I have ever meet Talon? Ever of even fallen in love with him? With anyone?

I would be miserable. Life would suck then. He's like... My everything, I guess you can say.

But now this just brings me back to the first kiss... How much would be different if it never happened?

I can see it now, kinda. Talon with Seb, and me.. Oh god.

Alright. But what if Luna hadn't of stopped the kiss? Just how far would we have gone that night? How far would I be willing to go with him?

The images.. Oh my god. It just makes me want to...


Controlled now. I just need answers, my imagination, my train of thoughts... Everything is out of order! I just need to know!

Maybe I can find out this all on my own time... When I'm not surrounded by people... But.. I just need to know now! It is driving me insane just to  not know!

I have to just go. I will think about answers later. Try to figure out the answers to my million questions, solve everything going through my head.

Maybe talk to Talon if that'll help a bit.

Story 4 - Good Really Do Die Young (Cirena)

Back in District 8, when I was the age of 9, I had my mother and father, Kianna and Quil Staford. The Mayor and his mistress of District 8. We had my younger sisters, Mariette and Filivena Staford, and my twin brother, Daviese Staford. Then my cousins, Bryna, Quellese, Andrea, Vincent, and a million others, along with my uncle, Bartimous, and his several different wives, all my aunts, and all died after a child or two, Diana, Kasey, Penelope, Minerva, several of them.

Of course, I favored my mother and sisters out of this group of family members. I loved Kianna dearly. She was a true mother to me and my siblings.

However, around the birthday of my younger twin sisters, my mother had gotten sick. We may of been the Mayor, his mistress, and his children, but we still couldn't afford much in the way of helping her. Everything was expensive, especially medicine.

So, she had to lay in bed until the day she died.

Now, Kianna was an amazing person. She met my father at her work, kinda.

My father, new Mayor of the time, had visited to the Capitol to meet people and find a wife. Quil was nice back then, before my mother's death.

So, Quil goes to meet some of the Gamemakers, as requested by our President, Jade Shifter (:D), and meets Kianna working there.

She was in charge of helping set up the arena then. When she and Quil met, it was love at first site.

They didn't have much time together though. Quil had to go back to District 8, and he did.

Kianna, now heart broken for he had left her, quit her job and moved to District 8 to be with him.

With that, the two got married.

Daviese and I were born afterwards. Mariette and Filivena two years and two days later. A loving family, indeed. Nothing was wrong with this family, you could never seperate us at any time.

Then of course, she got sick and died.

Quil took this hard. He had loved her. He soon turned on my siblings and myself. I started to work in the factories to avoid my father. I never knew much of what my sisters or brother did, really. I just know that my father, despite loving us all, hated us on the outside and blamed us for the death of Kianna.

Soon after her death, that's when he started to beat us kids if we stepped out of line. Mariette, being more energetic as a kid, had it worst of us all. It's not just the fact she would step out of line, she did this a lot, we all did. When we did, we were punished. She was punished worse though. She reminded Quil to much of Kianna in spirit and personality.

Well, that's the story of my mother Kianna. Now go bug someone else for a story, because you are NOT getting another one out of me for awhile.

Story 5 - What The Hell Did I Do? (Mariette)

Just awhile ago... I saw someone kissing Talon and caused a fight...

Thought of somethings to say, say things that I knew were right, and kept other things to myself. An example of something I was thinking but didn't say was, "Take another girls virginity for all I care! That's how much you are hurting me! To where I don't care anymore!"

Then there was something I really shouldn't of said. He said he wouldn't leave me unless it hurt me... I replied with, "Well right now, it is being a MAJOR pain!"

He then walked away from me to that girl he called Anna. The girl who kissed him...

I stormed away from him with a final, "Fine!", tears in my eyes now.

I had gone back to the groundfloor. I had to fine Saira or Walter, get out of here. It's there fault I'm here any way.

I finally stop running. This is pointless. They won't take me back to the arena. They can't do so any way. I'm stuck here.

Then Anna comes back into mind. Her description, her voice...

She is exactly like me, maybe a slight difference in hair and her eyes don't seem to have my hint of blue in them.

It angers me that he would have the audacity to go with her! Burning anger, for sure! He has no clue of the pain he put me through when he left! The pain and anger... Everything he put me through...

And I just put him through it also...

But he had it coming. He hurt me first.

For your safety though.

Well that was your argument, for his safety. And did he except that from you? No.

Do you blame him? He thought you were dead, finds out your not, and then goes without you for a long time.

And yet, when he was a Career, he joined them. He caused your death of the Pain Games. He doesn't care for you. Not anymore.

God, make this argument stop!

With that, a guy walks past me. I look away, biting my lip. Now I know what Talon saw with Anna. She reminded him of me and this guy reminds me of him.

I feel eyes on me and I look around to see him staring at me. He smiles at me and smile a bit also.

You don't like him, you like Talon.

No, you hate Talon. Try something new. Teach him a lesson or two.

You love Talon. Not this... thing.

If you go back to Talon, it might as well be like going to Excel. After what he did to you.

I inhale sharply. This argument has now gone to far but is to far to end just yet.

Who was there for you when you were staying up at nights before the arena? Helping you sleep?

Who left you in the arena and started your nightmares over again?

For one night.

Why was that? Oh yeah. You died the next night!

For him!

Because you were blind! Your plan never would of worked and you knew it! You knew most of TBA would die, and that Talon wouldn't be coming back!

I start to cry a bit in reality. I stand up and start running again.

Why did you go through with it then? Because you do love him.

Because you were blind.

"Mari!" someone calls.

I turn to see Saira.

She runs over to me. "What's wrong?"

I shake my head. "I want out of here... I cannot be here anymore. Please get me out of here... Please..."

"Mari, I can't do that," she murmurs softly.

"Please," I say, starting to cry again. "I-I just c-can't stay he-here. Th-There is to mu-much regret he-here, Saira."

"What happened?" Saira asks me softly.

"A-A fi-fight wi-wi-with... Ta-Ta-" I say, starting to cry harder.

Saira strokes my hair, unable to speak.

You really do love him...

Hate him... He is causing this pain...

Because you love him!

Because he hurt you!

How do you expect that happened? How he hurt you?

You failed to realize he was a terrible person. Then he broke your heart because you were stupid.

He was able to hurtyou because you loves him! Still have feelings for Talon! It hurts you more than anything to be away from him!

Cold bitter reality hits me. I do love him but... I caused one fight and a few before hand... It hurts to be away from him but another fight would kill our relationship. Unless this one already did this...

What the hell have I done?

Story 6 - Space, All I Need Is Space (Filivena)

Yeah yeah. You all know of the story of me and the little... Idiot.

Well, when I heard about him sleeping with someone else, you know, I would freak out. Wouldn't you?

So... He hasn't stopped messing with me since the little break up.

I try to tell him I need space but I never can say anything. Never get a word out around him.

Always trying to choke out one little sentence. Just one... But I never can.

Nothing goes right around him. He just needs to understand this thing called "Personal Space".

I can't' really understand what he wants though. What he sees...

Of course, I do say somethings to him so he will leave me alone. Like about going back and sleeping with Lucas. Now that really got him ticked off.

But you know, I never can say anything about having space.

But spce is what I need. Space... All I need is Space.

When will he get that?

Never is my guess. He will continue to padger me and I will have to deal with it.

But can I?

No, not really. I want as far from him as possible. Our past has ended, ever since I heard he had slept with Talon's cousin, Charcoal I believe her name is. Goes by Black Rose.

I mean, really, it's enough that I was blind enough to be with him when he was with my best friend. I was confused, really.

No, this would of been stopped if he hadn't messed with my head, if I hadn't of been been confused, blind, stupid...

Maybe next time I'll bring a bat. Or a frying pan. Something to tell him I need space or at least that I mean business.

Story 7 - I Thought He Was Everything (Cirena)

Fight fight fight. That's all Begrane and I ever do.

Ever since the marriage, ever since Logan was born.

We have fought about how we spend money. About things that don't even matter...

About Logan...

We have gotten a divorce, yes, but we still fight for parental guardian position over Logan.

So far, I have won, but he isn't one to let go so easily.

I thought he was everything, what happened?

I thought it was love at first site.

Passion through first kiss.

What the hell happened to him?

Or was it what happened to me?

No, he changed, I am to positive of it. He use to be nice and caring. Now he argues about everything.

So what happened to him?

Did I do something? Was it his family? What the hell happened?!

He never wants to talk to me, he only does when I call to check on Logan when he is over at his father's house, and even then, we bgoth shout things at each other.

He never wants to see me me again. Said it himself.

So what happened? Why is he like this?

Oh well. I can play this hate game. Besides, I have my eyes on someone else any way.

Story 8 - Feelings of... Love? Pain? Torture... (Filivena)

Author Note:This is my more... detailed way of the story btw. None of this was really written in the games. Day five of the 3rd Pain Games. God knows where Cirena is, Mariette is dead, the bastard Talon is still out there, and now I'm with Ford Dryden.

A cannon went off not to long ago. I am nervous to find out who this person was, someone outsmarted by the Careers, definetly.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look back at Ford. His brown eyes meet my blue-green eyes and I feel something inside me melt. What the hell is going on?

"Filivena, are you alright about... you know..." he started.

I bit my lip and look away from him. His hand dropped from my shoulder, and I know he instantly regretted asking.

"I'm sorry, Filivena. Listen, let's just find Cirena. I know you want to," he said.

I gave a nod and started walking towards the meadow. Ford was in close proximity to me.

When finally at the meadow, I look around. It was huge, yes, but Cirena was close, she could tell.

Ford stopped right behind me, and I mean RIGHT behind me. I could feel the warmth of his body against my skin. My heartbeat seemed to increase.

What in Panem is going on with me?

Why did I even team up with him?

This thought ran through my mind when suddenly a gust of wind came by. I feel to the ground. But Ford wasn't so lucky.

The wind carried him off his feet and smacked him into the body of Cirena. "No!" I screamed.

The wind stopped and they both fell with a sickening thud. Tears welded in my eyes as I slowly crawled over to my sister and Ford.

Their cannons go off. I scream and hide my face in my hands as tears run down my cheeks and onto the soft grass where both Ford and I had stood not even a minute ago.

I think I heard another cannon, but I'm not sure. Right now, I am going to kill somebody, and I will tell you now. Nobody will stand in my way of winning for me, Mariette, Cirena, and Ford. Nobody, not even loverboy.

By the end of these games, I will win, for them. One way or another.

Story 9 - Grown Up Now (Amber)

Amber woke up early one morning with a jolt. She looked around her room and sigh, laying back down. After laying there for all of two minutes, she knew she would not fall back asleep. She moaned, realizing she had to get out of bed this morning. She threw the covers away from herself and sat up in the bed. She then stood up and opened ehr door and walked downstairs.

Her father was sitting in the living room, watching the television. I pull out my phone. 1:56 PM. Well isn't that lovely? Lesson learned, never stay up past 4 AM.

Amber looked around for her mother. "Dead man listening to the television!" she shouted over the sounds of the TV. She knew her father heard her, and she knew he was now listening to what she had to say.

Her father turned down the volume of the television and looked at Amber. "Yes Amber?" (Oh god, now I am just seeing a Haymitch moment for this XDD)

"Where's mom?" she asked.

He pointed upstairs, giving the obvious answer. He then turned the volume on the television back up. Amber walked all the way back upstairs to find her mother.

She knocked on the room her mother usually worked in.

"Come in," said the voice of her mother.

Amber opened the door and looked at the woman that was looking at her. Pictures were hung up on the wall of her mother's office. Several of which involved the times she spent with her family. There was a couple where she was with friends.

One picture in the room, of when her mother was younger, about 15 or 16, was ond that really showed her off her mother's family. She had taken a picture with her, father, Aunt's CeCe, Fili, Aven, Danica, Cathy, Crimson, Bryna and Terri, and Uncle Daviese. And there was also a young baby girl, who was of course Amber. But that wasn't even close to the size of Amber's family.

Only one picture probably stood out more. The picture of her mother and her father at their wedding.

Of course, her mother looked just like she had when younger. Still beautiful, still youthful, same red hair, same blue-green eyes.

She looked back at the woman staring at her. "Can I go out today? It's late and I haven't seen a lot of people in awhile."

"Amber, sweetie, today's not a good day. A lot is going on and-" her mother started.

"Mom," she said, cutting her off, "You are treating me like a child again. You always do that. Why can't I go out when I want to?"

Her mother stood up from where she was sitting. "Amber, honey-"

"Stop with the sweetie and honey, mom! I'm grown up, can't you at least treat me taht way? What's wrong, afraid to share me with people who I want to be with?" Amber questioned angrily.

"Amber,... You have no clue on what kind of world I had to live in. You lived in the transitional period. I had to go through things you can't even imagine. I am trying to keep you save from having to deal with stuff I had to go through, what your father had to go through, what a good majority of your aunts had to go through!

"Mom! The games are over! You don't have to live in fear of them anymore! I don't have to face them and I would love some freedom! You don't have to live in fear!" Amber pretty much shouted.

Her mother looked very upset, not in an angry way, just in general. "When your life gets ruined because of something simillar to the games, you let me know."

With that, her mother walked out of the office, away from Amber.

Amber sighed. Looked like she wasn't going out for a long while.

Story 10 - What Do I Do? (Mariette)

I saw Seb earlier, we talked. It was good to talk to my friend once more.

But then... He started screaming and yelling at me. I didn't understand why. I was so confused...

After awhile, I ran off crying. Evan Dale had followed me. Once calm enough to talk, Evan I did just that.

He said how Seb felt bad he couldn't protect me in the games. That he didn't do enough. He also brought up how Seb was scared of Excel, how his spirit haunted Seb.

I kept trying to say that it wasn't Seb's fault or Talon's either, as Seb also thought Talon had helped cause my death.

Evan finally said that Seb was to stubborn to believe anything I would say any way. I feel like I was slowly killing Seb because Excel had killed me. Slowly causing him pain, torturing him to die once more.

Then Talon got into our conversation. Mind you but I haven't seen him in awhile.

Evan had asked me if Seb had still like Talon. I replied that he said he was over him but I wasn't completely sure.

Evan, of course, disagreed. He said Seb still loved Talon.

More dread had filled me. More pain for Seb, more pain and torture.

I told evan how this was all my fault. I caused for myself to get killed. I caused Talon to leave Seb. This was all true though. None of this would of happened if I hadn't of fallen asleep next to Marek. Talon would still belong to Seb and I would still be the girl who use to cry every night over someone she would never have.

Tears, I can just feel tears coming on.

I caused my best friend pain. I am causing him pain and misery and I am slowly torturing him.

It's because I let him try to protect. I let him be my protecter and failed him. I got myself killed. I got almost all of TBA killed over someone I loved. And that someone is the person my best friend still loves.

My best friend...

He hates me now. I don't blame him either... I know he hates me... I hate myself a whole lot too...

I let myself fall in love with someone who my best friend loved... I let my best friend be my protector and made him think he failed... And I just yelled at him...

Coming back to reality, I see little Amber in Fili's arms. I told Fili to watch over her for a little bit. I stood up and walk in the opposite direction to my room.

I walk in my room, close the door, and lock it. I walk over to my bed and finally start to cry into the pillow. How could I do this to Seb?

Story 11 - Rewrite the Past (Devon, Mariette)

Part One

I grabbed my potions book from my book shelf. Long ago, I had known Mariette Staford. A bright, bubbly young girl. Never put anyone down and thought of others as if they were angels. Following her mother's death, she changed to quiet, shy, and soon, disappeared. I still saw her often at her father's parties, the quiet girl in the corner. Truly breath taking indeed. She had beautiful red curls as if she were born from the flames itself with the attitude of the flames when necessary. Her eyes was like staring into the ocean, never would you pass her in a crowd.

Change the death of her mother, change the reapings to where her and her family were never reaped. Yes, this will work out fine.

I flip through the pages until I find the potion. I have worked on formulating potions to perfection. Maybe not the first of their time, but surely strong and powerful.

Rewrite the Past Potion:

Change any events that have happened in the past, change how they happened to your desire.

Warning:Potion is not to be drank by anyone. Future will be altered deeply. Ingrediants are objects that can be found lying around. Do not use without any prior knowledge of using the source of power. Also, once the past has been altered, it is hard to bring back what once was.


1/2 cup of dirt

Leaf of a hazel nut tree, dried

Bark of an elder tree

Seed of pinecone

Something of close value


Start a pot of water, about two quartz filled. Add 1/4 of dirt and everything else together into the water and let it sit until the water once more looks of regular color. Let it cool and then remove the leaf, bark, and seed. Take something you remember to have a meaning to the person who's past you wish to alter, and it will alter all who have to do with what you wish to alter. Heat the water once more and put the person's belonging into the water along with remaining dirt. Say the event and the way you wish it had gone. The next day, when you wake, everything shall have been changed.

I tap my fingers on my desk. I had one thing of Mariette's, of value to her, indeed. An old stuffed puppy (the little toys btw) that she had lost one day. I had found it, of course. I tried to give it back to her but she then refused, saying that with my mother expecting another child, it should be for him or her.

It was almost destroyed in a fire of my house but I saved it. My little sister hated the puppy, thinking it were a real stuffed puppy. I kept it, for Mariette.

I walk over to the now boiling water. I could smell the lingering smell of the hazel nut, the pinecone, and elder tree.

I put the little puppy into the water with the rest of the dirt. I take a deep breath. "The death of the Staford mother and the reapings of the 3rd Pain Games. Mariette Staford deserves a life outside of pain, misery, death. Let her mother live, let her sister, Cirena, herself, and her other sister never of been reaped. Save the soul of the young girl I knew long ago and let her live a happy life for ever more."

I turned off the heat and carried the pot with me upstairs. I place it next to my closed window to obsorb the glow of moonlight. I look at my clock, once midnight, I could see the changes it would make. I lay down and close my eyes.

Part Two

I wake up and look around. Nothing seemed changed. It should of worked... It had to of.

I practically leap out of bed and run downstairs. Everything seems quiet as usual. Nothing different... Except...

"Boo!" says a cheery voice, making me jump. I look in the eyes that were staring into mine. Blue-green, beautiful...

"Mari?" I say, looking at her. She's changed a bit since I last saw her, but it's the same Mari. Beautiful, youthful, and there was something else...


"Who else, silly?" she said with a laugh, pushing me playfully. "Come on. So, how have you been?"

"Uh.. Good. How are you? Your family?" I ask, now trying to play off my earlier shock.

"Good. Cirena is being Cirena. Ya know, good, kind. Filivena is hanging out with her group as usual. Daviese is out with some friends. Dad is at some meeting. Kianna is at home, resting with all the kids out of the house. Amber-"

"Woah, wait, Amber?" I ask, confused. I suddenly realized I just made another HUGE MISTAKE.

"You know, baby Amber. Mom and Dad's newest addition to the family. I got to name her, she is the sweetest thing ever. I've always wanted to name a child Amber," Mari continued on with her talking.

So many things are different right now. I love it, yet... It doesn't feel right.

"This years tributes, I feel so bad for them. Luna and Seb were reaped, real good friends. I visited them both and told them how sorry I was for them both. And then with the twist of past tributes coming in the games! Like the Rosedain cousins having to go in. Ford Dryden went back. Excel Rose, and Unity. The games are in the final 7, I wish they would just end soon. I mean, Luna and Seb are dead and it's hard not having them in the games. I am going to miss them so much. I am so happy that Excel died though. And the twist with Talon leaving! Truly a good twist, but poor Danica..."

She just kept talking and talking and talking and talking... Well, maybe feeling some regret, but truly feeling pain and misery is much worst than this.


I mean, she was dead because of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend. I mean, who does that? She doesn't need to feel pain of being left alone and left to die. Feeling dread in every footstep.

She stopped talking and looks around. "I should get going. Later!" With that, she kissed me. Kissed me. Then she left me there, dumbstruck.

Part Three

POV of Author

Countless time after the games finished, Talon had won, "accidently" killing off the second victor. Time of the Victory Tour, I think. I was having the dinner with Talon along with the Stafords.

Not much of Talon's speech comes to memory. He had said he felt bad about Luna and Seb, but that's about all the memory gives me.

Suddenly, from when Talon got onto stage to the walk to the dinner was a blur. I just remember sitting down next to Mariette, holding her hand in mine.

The door opened and in came Rosedain.

POV of Mariette

I looked up as the victor, Talon, came in. His face was beautiful. His cheek bones, the way his hair curled around his face, his eyes, his lips...

Devon suddenly puts a hand on my shoulder. I look back at him, a little phased.

"Mariette, are you alright?" he asked, worried.

"Yeah, fine," I say. I look back at Talon. He looked familiar, as if I had known him from somewhere.

More than the games, in fact. Like I was there with him in the games, before the games, and after the games. But... it doesn't seem right. I mean, no memories come to mind, but I feel like I know him. From where though?

Devon elbows me again and I look back at him. "Yes?" I ask him.

"You are unusually quiet today. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Devon, alright?"

He shrinks back a little and I sigh. "I'm sorry but you have to stop worrying. I can handle myself, ya know."

Devon sighs but nods.

"Ah, Mr. Rosedain, please sit," my father says.

Talon takes a seat next to me. Maybe if I can try talking to him later about how I felt as if I knew him...

"Hi," he says, looking at me, his sweet voice a sound of pure harmony, and yet, mixed with a roughness.

"Hi," I say, looking into his eyes with a bit of a smile.

I can feel the heat coming off of him. His warmth... Things are coming into mind, of several things as if they were real. Things not even I can control. Maybe these are real, not just imaginations. Maybe I do know him from somewhere...

We seem to be closer than before. Seperated by maybe a couple inches. Someone pulls me back and I look into the eyes of Devon. He, instead of looking at me, is looking at Talon with a look of pure anger.

I sigh, this is going to be a long dinner.

Part Four

POV of Devon

I give a small growl at Talon and Mariette gives me a small glare and I sigh. I sit back in my chair and start to eat. If anything, something, even physical contact, could spike their memories. That would of course, either A) make Mariette force me to change it, B) make everything go back to how it was before, or C), well, ruin the fabric of time.

I gag a little and Mariette's glare instantly turns into a face of concern. She puts a hand on my shoulder, her touch warm.

"Are you alright?" she asked, her eyes looking into mine.

Her eyes always reminded me of looking into a sea. An endless sea to me, and obviously the same to Talon.

I inhale sharply but then nod. "Yeah," I murmur. "I'm just gonna, go," I murmur. I stand up, leaving the entire Staford family and Talon there alone.

POV of Mariette

I stand up. "I'm not really hungry. I'm going to head back home," I say, looking around. My father looks ready to object, but Talon stands up.

"I'll walk her home," he said.

My father gets a suspicious look in his eyes. It lasts for all of a second before he finally nods. "Alright. Watch over her," he said.

I walk out and he follows. In the hall, I stop and so does he.

"What's wrong?" he asks, coming to stand behind me.

"In there, I felt as if..." I started.

"As if you knew me." he finished.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"I felt the same way."

I turn around to look at him. He looks down at me with a slight smile. "Has anyone told you that you have the most amazing eyes?" he asked me.

I smile a bit. "Not in those exact words," I murmur.

His hand cups my face. More images run through my mind, as if something were piecing itself together. We lean closer to each other until we finally kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck.

Almost instantly, all of everything pieces itself together. How I knew him. How my life was dread before and then, something happened and we ended up like this.

We both pull apart and look at each other. "Did you, I mean, umm..." I try to say but can't say it.

Instead, he pulls me into a hug. "Mari," he murmurs to me, stroking my hair.

"Oh Talon," I reply back. Now it all is together. But we aren't in the right... Order. These memories don't fit with anything in this time. It means either it was in the past or someone changed the past to be like this.

I look up at him. "We have to fix this," I murmur. "Fix this all."

He gives a slight nod. He kisses the top of my head. Finally, we let go of the hug and together walk outside. where we have to go fix a problem, and surely it has somethign to do with Devon.

Part 5

I walk with Talon still by my side as we search for Devon. We checked his house, my house, everywhere. Almost everywhere any way.

"Stay put,"  I murmur to Talon.

"Mari-" he starts to object.

"Don't. I know you care for my safety but I can take care of myself. Relax." I give him a quick kiss before jogging off to where Devon always hid.

"Devon!" I call out. Almost instantly, his head pops out from behind a trash can. He walks over to me.

"Mariette? Are you-" he starts.

"We have to talk," I interupt. I grab him by the arm and start running back to where I had left Talon.

Talon looks up as I come by and smiles. "Found him," I say as I finally get over to him. I look back at Devon.

He is bright red. "Hi there," he says, voice shaking.

I look at him. "You do realize you have to fix what you did, right?" I ask, looking at him.

Devon looks over at me. "But Mariette-" I start.

"Don't even start with me," I say, an angry tone to my voice.

"But Mariette, your life before was a life of pain, misery, death. That wasn't you, your life was joyful before the death of Kianna."

I look upset by what he said. Kianna died? No...

Talon stepped in when he noticed I wasn't going to reply. "Devon, you have to fix what you've done. All of that happened for a reason. You have to fix what you've done. Right?" he asked looking back at me.

I saw my face reflected in his eyes. My face looked as if it were striken with sadness and dispear was in my eyes.

"Mari," he walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Mari?" he asked, his voice being filled with more concern.

"Kianna," I murmur. I look back at the Justice Building, my eyes filled with even more sadness.

"And what about those games? Like when Cirena went in and got killed. How you had to move to District 10 after that with Daviese and Filivena. How both you and Filivena got reaped? How Talon... left you?" he asked, looking at me.

I grew paler with each thing said. I finally understood why I was brought here. To keep that stuff from happening. And to keep Devon happy.

I take a deep breath and look back at him. "I've already lived through these memories, Devon. You have hurt me more by bringing me here than leaving me there. I want to go back."

Devon looked upset by that answer. "Fine, at my house, we meet." With that, he disappeared into the shadows of District 8. Back to his house.

Part Six

POV of Mariette

Talon and I walked around District 8 for a bit until finally we sat down under a tree of what little place of a meadow District 8 had.

I lean against him and he kisses the top of my head. "Everything will be fixed," he murmured softly.

Looking up at him, I smile slightly. "I know, and I'll be back with you."

He smiles too and kisses me. I of course, kiss him back, almost forgetting about Devon.

POV of Devon

I am going through my spell book. Yeah, sure, so gonna fix their problem, not. Let her die for her boyfriend? No.

Going through my spells, I try to find a potion, something, to ruin their love. Or at least his love for her. Suddenly, someone knocks on my door. I open it to see Cirena there.

"Hey Cirena," I say.

"Hi. Listen, I know something is off here. Something indeed. Something to deal with you, my sister, everyone. I'm here to make sure that it gets fix, got that?" she questioned, voice a bit angry.

Well dammit, everyone is getting their memory back.

She walks with me over to my spellbook. I flip through spells fast, hoping she would catch on to any certain spell.

She suddenly put her hand down as I was flipping pages. Crap, she reads fast.

Cirena grabbed the book from my hands and flipped it to her page. She read over the spell name. "This... This is the spell you used. Isn't it?" she showed him the "Rewrite the Past" Spell.

I, after a long hesitation, nodded.

She gave a quick growl. "What did you use to change the past? It requires something. Maybe I know where it is."

I looked a bit upset. She was forcing me to do this. "One of her old stuffed animals. Her little puppy, ya know, the red one."

Cirena then twirled around and headed outside. "Get fresh clean water, my sister, anyone you need, and you will fix this." With that, she disappeared.

              I                                                I                                                    I

After I had gotten rid of everything, I had gotten fresh water. If anything, going against Cirena was bad. Like... Really bad. That girl still had a temper, even with all her family together. 

Finally, the door opened. Cirena came in, holding the puppy. She closed the door and walked over. She started to help me with my ritual.

After a lot of things were finished, it was time. Cirena handed me the puppy doll and stepped away.

I put the stuffed animal in the water. "Bring back the life that was of Mariette Staford. Let her mother rest in piece, let her family live the way it did before it was altered by I. Let all be as should." Turning off the heat, I hurry upstairs, setting it by the window. "By tomorrow, it should be fixed," I murmur. Cirena turns around and hurries away to go tell her sister and Talon.

Part Seven

POV of Mariette

Cirena came running to us, saying that everything would be the same tomorrow morning.

I look over at Talon and he is smiling a bit. I smile too. He wraps his arms around me.

I didn't notice Cirena leave, just that I was sitting on the soft grass with Talon there with me.

Looking around, I notice how little people there are. "Come on, we have one night to ourselves," I say. "What do you want to do?" I ask.

He gives a slight smile but shakes his head. "Not tonight," he murmured. Instead, he just kisses me. Of course, I kiss him back.

This is one of the milions of kisses we have had together. Our fifth today. In this universe, today was our first kiss. In our real universe, our first kiss was long ago.

I can still see it all in my head. Fell the emotions run through me, my every thought. What can be an eternity in just a few seconds.

Everything seems to swirl around us, turn different. When we pull away from the kiss, we are suddenly back at the house.

Little Amber curled up in her crib. Filivena walks down the stairs with an annoyed look in her eyes. Cirena walks in carrying Logan.

I smile again. "It's back to normal," I say, my eyes glittering in the light of the house.

Talon laughs and kisses my cheek. "Forever."

"Hopefully the books was destroyed," I murmur.

"Maybe, but who knows?" he asks playfully.

I smile brighter. "As long as I stay with you, my life is perfect."

Story 12 - Feelings (Logan)

I have feelings for someone... Feelings I shouldn't have.

Alright, so if you didn't know, these feelings are feelings of love and they are for Amber Kianna Rosedain, who just happens to be my cousin.

I've liked her for probably as long as I have known her. We never knew we were cousins until we went over to her house. Which was honestly a mistake.

I shouldn't love her the way I do. I shouldn't want her as much as I do either...

But I do. The way her blue-green eyes sparkle in the light, her curly, strawberry blonde hair, her soft skin to the touch...

Why would my father have to lie to me like this? If he had told me of my family, of my mother and her huge family, maybe I wouldn't have to be in this situation... It is all because my father decided to hate my mother, hate everyone and only think of himself.

I clench my hands into fists. Now I probably won't even be friends with Amber. But without her in my life...

It is unimaginable. God finds this funny, doesn't he? To torture me with love and to never be able to have it. To have it right in front of you and yet it be so far away. I want to be able to hold her in my arms again without having to know it is wrong...

My father can go die in a hole. I mean, if I had gotten to actually know love, maybe these feelings wouldn't exist. If I had gotten to actually know her before, before all of these feelings, I wouldn't feel like this.

This living hell inside of me just reminds me of a book series my father's girlfriend owned. It's very old, indeed. The Mortal Instruments. I read them, just to see how it was.

Jace had the same feelings for someone who assumed to be family. The thing is, they weren't, and I am family with Amber.

I take a deep breath. So Amber was family, she felt awkward about us being together. But there is something in me that just wants her near me. Something that wants her.

I can just imagine when she kissed me in her hallway. Her paernts had left and we were talking about our feelings for each other. She suddenly kissed me. All I saw was sudden blue-green eyes right in front of mine that closed as she kissed me. I then closed mine and kissed her back. It was like heaven. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her to where she was  pressed against me. The feel of her lips against me was intense yet soft. It felt as if we belonged there together. But obviously we aren't meant to be.

Life just really... sucks.

Story 13 - Huge Family Becoming Bigger (Bryna)

Alright, so incase you did not know, I have 13 other siblings. To list us all in order: Vincent, Andrea, Daniel, William, Quellese, me, Nina, Marion, Isabelle, Michael, Tianna, Annie, Rider, and Elizabeth.

Honestly, everything is crazy. I have four cousins on my father's brother's side of the family. Cirena, Daviese, Mariette, and Filivena. Now his sister, Mallerie, had Hope and Livia.

Now, dad was careful enough to make sure that all of his billion and one wives had little to no siblings. However, I still have a few cousins. On my true mother, the true mother of Quellese, me, Nina and Marion, had one brother. He got married and had Carter, Logan, and Alex, all of which happen to be female. Besides them, I have Isabelle's mother's sisters son, Barney. Other than that, I think we are good on cousins.

So my entire family is up and listed and huge and crazy. Of course, I'm pretty sure Uncle Quil (dad's side) will end up knocking up his new wife. Well, I've seen her recently and I am coming to the conclusion that she is.

My phone then rings. I answer it. "Hello?"

"Hey Bree," says the voice of my father.

"Hey dad. How is Uncle Quil and Aunt Tella?" I ask.

"Good. I have some news though," he said.

"What is it?"

"Aunt Tella is pregnant."

I go quiet at that. Oh my gosh, just lovely. I always come to conclusions so fast and jinx it all.

"Bree?" he asks a couple times.

"Do Mariette and all of them know?"

"Only Dave does."

I hang up. I quickly call up Mariette.

"Hello?" asks the voice of Mariette.

"Mari, I have some news." I quickly go over what my father just told me. "Mari, you okay?"

"Y-Yeah, why wouldn't I be? He got over mom faster than expected and got this new wife pregnant. Why wouldn't I be happy that he has know forgotten my mother?"

"Mari, do you want to come over? Or I can come over. Whichever..." I start but trail off.

"N-No Bree, just... stay where you are... I might come over to visit there any way..." she then hangs up.

I look at my phone and sigh. Mariette knows how I feel, but I don't want her to. I mean, she has to deal with new family of new blood in her siblings. All of them do...

A/N: This has been the story that happened before Mari went to go visit family and before she turned... Well... Not the kind Mari we all love. Ya know, the new one, the one that killed Cianna.

M/N(Mari's Note):Don't mention her in front of me...

A/N:Love you, Mari...

M/N:You are the one who caused this.

A/N:I know. Still love you.


Story 14 - Break Down Moment (Mariette)

I honestly do not know how long I can live like I am now.

I feel so far away from everyone, every footstep is slowly putting more on my shoulders, more for me to carry around in guilt.

Rummaging through my bag, I find my journal. I look at the fireplace, alive with dancing flames, then back at my book. 

Constant dread since I was 7 is inside this book. Every mistake, every little thing that I did wrong in this book. It is my only link to the past that I want to know, and yet I don't.

Finally, I toss it into the flames, and within seconds, it ingulfed.

Curling up in the couch, everything that I can remember goes through my head.

My mother's death. CeCe and Fili abandoning me at the house to deal with my father alone. The day I first meet Sebastian, having just embarassed the crap outta myself. CeCe being reaped and soon dying. Moving to District 10 and knowing no one. Having had several minor encounters with Talon Rosedain, like seeing him in some of the shops or walking around. Being reaped with my sister and then finally my feelings come out and Talon and I end up just another doomed couple out there. Him leaving me, all the time I spent not speaking unless it was to work on a plan. Excel's sword killing me. Being brought back to be doomed on earth once more, doomed to a living hell. All the pain I went through as a child. All the fights with family and Talon. Excel's rape on me. Being beaten in District 10 while pregnant with Amber. Troy trying to kill and rape me. My father getting another woman pregnant. Killing Cianna. Going through a living hell for love and all for nothing.

I don't notice it but I am starting to cry. Every little thing runs through my head a million times as I watch my book burn. I curl up in a tighter ball. When the book is completely gone, my thoughts seem to slow down.

I stand up and wipe tears off my face and put on a jacket before walking outside, still crying. The thoughts flood back into my mind.

I crumple to my knees and finally scream.

I can see just everything now. Going into my mother's bed, her pale face. The fumes of sickness hung around the air. She gave me a locket that I still have now. How she said she loved me, loved us all. How she then closed her blue-green eyes and her head fell to the left. How her skin slowly turned cold and how I screamed for her to stay with me, to not go away.

How I meet Seb in class. The warm air of the classroom, I had bumped into him and spilled food over him. That is when homeschooling started.

The stillness, the quietness of the Reaping. As our escort went onto the stage and picked a name for the girls. How she clearly said the name, "Cirena Staford". How I had screamed and tried to run towards her. How I was held back, tears in my eyes.

The move to District 10. The air was crisp, it stung my lungs. Nothing was right, how the old mayor's family died and how my father was willing to take over so easily. How he decided to remarry as soon as he moved.

The small encounters with Talon. I had seen him around sometimes. His dirty blonde hair, blue eyes... I can picture him now, standing there. How I started to have feelings for him. How right before the Reapings, we both knew about each other's feelings for each other.

Reapings... It was the same quietness and stillness as the escort called names. Filivena was reaped and so was I. She cried but I stayed strong. I hugged her when up on the stage. I looked at the giant ball containing the names of who would be reaped. I look at Talon, in the kids to be reaped. When his name was called, I never wanted to break down more in my life.

I am in tears on the ground as I fall apart. I scream again as more images of everything that has happened go through my mind.

Closing my eyes, I try to block it all out of my mind. I hand touches my shoulder though, jerking me back to reality.

"Mari?" asks the soft voice of Tella. Her stomach is already round with my father's child. "Mariette, what's wrong?" she asked softly.

I don't reply. I just end up hugging her, crying. Trying to force away all the memories in my head, but they won't go away.

They won't...

Story 15 - Old Affairs Coming Back (Filivena)

Honestly, I love so many people right now. I love my siblings and my family, totally.

But the people outside my family are another story.

You see, I am having some sort of.. iffy relationship with Lucas. He is a little sweetie, but I don't know...

Then there is Troy which is another iffy one. We went out for a bit, and even after we broke up, we still ended up in the same bed together. (Ever notice how bed does look like a bed? XD)

Finally, there is a very questionable one, Ford. You see, I don't know, in the arena, we were just friends. But I still felt something for him (thanks Rainie -eyeroll-). Something uncontrollable.

The same thing I feel for Lucas and Troy.

The same thing I had when I dated every other boy.

I don't know what to do. I really like them all, maybe love them all.

But I don't want to...

I lay down on the soft grass, the flowers swaying in the fresh breeze.

I place a hand on my stomach, one under my head, and look up at the sky. I look at all the amazing shapes the clouds are making in the bright blue sky.

I don't know why, but the clouds, as if this were funny, were forming into the faces of Lucas, Troy, and Ford. I quickly close my eyes to block them out, but their faces flash against my eyelids.

I shift where I am laying. I open my eyes finally and sit up. All of this is terrible. Some funny game to everyone. This whole Lucas, Troy and Ford thing. Just some... way to mess with me. Mess with my head.

I shake out my hair and stand up, walking inside. Once inside, I walk upstairs and go to my room.

Opening the door to my room, old memories come to mind. Of all the times I was up here with Troy, the occasional times with Lucas. All the times Ford comforted me in my room about my... Affairs.

I look around my room, closing my door. I walk over to my bed and sit down. More... Vivid memories come to my mind and I close my eyes, the feelings taking over.

I bite my lip to keep from... Sounding like another guy was in my room.

Suddenly coming back to reality from that, I look around my room. Locating my locket on my stand, I open it. The pictures had been changed since I was little.

Now they contained the pictures of two of the three people I cannot stop thinking about. Troy and Lucas. I close it again and hold it against my heart before putting it on.

More memories of them come to mind, but I push them away. I walk out of my room, closing the door behind me.

Story 16 - Ruined Escape (Mariette)

When I was little, I use to always dream of a place unlike all. A beautiful meadow with the brightest of green ferns and a variety of flowers. That use to be where I would escape the world. Escape everything.

That is where I am trying to escape to now.

Onlly thing is... Everything is dead. The grass is now brown, the trees don't have a single leaf in sight, the ferns are nothing but small little shrubs that have shriveled up. No flowers are on the ground.

I look around, pale faced. My escape has been burned through, killed.

I look down at the ground and I have to cover my mouth to keep from screaming. That's when I noticed my hands were covered in a crimson liquid.

I look around, trying not to cry. All the bodies of people I love...

One of the bodies... I instantly recognize that it's him. It's Talon. I run over to him and touch his arm. He already feels cold.

"No no," I say, trying not to cry. "Please no..."

I hear a laugh and look over to see Excel there.

"You... Y-You did this!" I shout.

"No, you did. All by yourself. Must I say, you've made a mess. Truly your dream escape isn't all you wanted, is it?" he asked with a smirk. "Maybe you should replan your next dream escape better."

I finally scream. I don't know when or how... But a knife ended up in my hand. I throw it at him and it hits him right in the brain. He falls down, dead.

Another laugh comes. I turn to see that it is Cianna.

I scream again as more laughs come around me. As if all the bodies on the ground were coming to life and they were there to taunt me. To know what I did.

Everything happened so fast, I don't know... I grabbed the weapon that had appeared in front of me. I suddenly ran around, killing all the people around me as I had done earlier.

But one person remained... The one person I can't kill again... That I couldn't kill again.


"What's wrong, afraid to kill me?" he asked in a snide comment.

I try to drop the weapon in my hand, but I can't. It won't drop.

"Running away doesn't help Mariette. It makes it worse. Leaving me to live is just as bad as running away. I'm as much as a problem as everyone else. Why don't you just kill me? Get it over with," He said.

"N-No... I can't..." I say.

He walked over to me. He pulled the weapon out of my hand and started to kiss me.

After a few seconds, pain flares up in my stomach as I fall down, Talon looking down at me. "Should of killed me while you had the chance," he said smuggly.

He turns to look away and another weapon comes to me and I throw it at him, into the base of his neck. He falls down to the ground. Dead.

I wake up, screaming. Instantly I get out of bed, put on some other clothes over what I was wearing and leave the room.

Talon comes to mind... Thinking of him brings up my dream... Seeing his face in my mind brings my dream back...

I don't think I can ever, EVER, sleep again... Seeing him will bring up my dream... I could hurt him like I did... Kill him like I did...

I sit down in front of my door and try my best to not fall apart.

Story 17 - The Deal (Mariette)

Dead. That's how I feel any way.

My dreams are being attacked by some outside force. Several times, I have gone to the places, my escapes as I call them, where I would go as a child to escape reality. Now...

They are dead. Killed. Ruined. And so are the people I love. The people who live taunt me or hate me...

I curl up in my bed again. I have to see what happens. Just one more time. See if it'll end.

I close my eyes and count back from 10. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

I open my eyes and look around. Now I am besides the river I would dream of. Nothing seems ruined or dead. Yet.

The grass underfoot is soft. The river is soft and gentle. I am wearing a dress, soft and white. The trees have fruits dotted, shining in the sunlight against the green leaves surrounding them. I take a deep sigh of relief.

I take a walk towards the river until I am at it's bank. I watch as the river flows gently. I take another step forward until I can sit down in the river, still in my dress.

My dress turns heavy in the water, but I don't care. I close my eyes and relax.

That lasted for about... 3 seconds.

I noticed how the river felt different, it wasn't moving as fast as it was and a smell hung in the air. I open my eyes and instantly regret it.

Dead trees with rotten fruit hanging from it. The grass was gone to leave completely bare dirt. And the river was blood. On the shore stood a familiar figure. My dark side.

"Having fun with your bloodbath?" she asked with a smile.

Her outfit was all black. Her black jeans were pressed tightly against her body. her V-neck shirt was hugging to her slight frame and her hair, this time, was laying down and around her face. Her nails were black, her make-up to.

The most frightening of her features was her pale skin to where it locked as if you could see the viens under her skin.

"So, Mari, sweetie, would you like to get out of your bloodbath or do you like being purged in the blood of your loved ones?" she asked in an overly-sweet voice.

I stand up and walk out of the river, my dress now dark red from the blood.

She shook her head and snapped her fingers, putting me in dark clothes. "It'll fit you, I know it. So, I come with an offer. Do you agree to at least hear my offer?"

I give a slight nod. I hate her choice of style. It is just... No.

She smiles deviously. "Alright. So you have been having dreams. Dark dreams of killing everyone. How would you react if I say I could fix that?"

I stare at her blankly.

She just shakes it away. "Any way. I will do so, under the condition that you let the true you, the true us out. All you have to do is shake on it. Then all your problems, all your nightmares will be gone."

"Wh-Why should I trust you?" I ask, finally speaking.

"Good question. Why should you? I am the cause of your dream, darling. Your dreams are making me come to life. So either way, I come out. And honestly, I am much stronger than you. But with your dreams, I won't be so nice and at least let the goody-goody of you get some chance to speak," she said with a smile. "So, it's up to you. Either way, I come out and take care of your life for you. Your nice you can be trapped right up," she said, walking over and tapping my head, "here. Then the true you can come out and you don't have to suffer anymore."

"No," I say, wide-eyed.

She just smiles. "Enjoy your nightmares. Why don't you kill some more people for me, by the way?" She lauged and started to walk away before stopping and looking back at me. "Enjoy your brain, it is nice and comfortable in there."

Story 18 - Should I Tell Them? (Filivena)

Lately, I haven't been around the house... Or at the house...

I've been somewhere... Familiar? With someone familiar... And, uh...

Oh forget it. You know what I am speaking of. Troy has been in my bed about 20 billion more times than before hand. Which is only a small fraction of usual...

But still. We have kinda been keeping this secret. But like... Mari and Talon are going to have to know soon. Especially if something like Amber happens...

NOT THAT I DON'T LOVE MY NEICE! I love her plenty, but she was a surprise for EVERYONE. Including the parents...

Thinking of him just sends chills down my spin. His touch, the way he feels and how we fit perfectly together...

Of course, just thinking about him doesn't blot out our past. No no no, not EVER.

You see, you can't just get rid of the past. In fact, you can box it up and put it into your attic, but it won't just disappear.

There has been several times in which Troy and I have fought. In which he ended up... Raping me. Times in which he has gotten me so mad over something that I just wanted to strangle him.

And yet I can still feel this way about him. It's strange yet... It is so right...

I look around. I'm gonna have to tell them soon... Talon almost got it out of me once... But, of course, Mari came home and he didn't get the answer. I'm not sure if he remembers the conversation, but if he does, he's gonna get it out of me...

I don't want to tell... I like having secrets. Things that only I get to know. It makes me feel better about myself. Knowing that I don't have to kill somebody over something...

But to every secret, there is always that one person who will stop at nothing to figure it out.

And sadly, it just happens to be my sisters boyfriend...

Yipee. So much fun...


I guess I shall plan on telling him about it... Providing he doesn't tell a living soul or person...

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