Ok, so as like everyone knows, this wiki is mainly completely used for Roleplaying on the chat. Right? So, I figured, we can start a roleplay that's not on the chat, so that if someone can't chat or is gone for a while they can still be included. So here it is! :D

Comment in the comments section to RP. Make sure you're still using the RP format! :D

Who's in the RP

I add people after you jump into the RP, so just join!

Name District Age Owner
Alto Barren 12 16 SlappingSquirrels
Indigo Cronin 10 15 SlappingSquirrels
Echo Lavyathin 12 16 SlappingSquirrels
Crimson Rosedain 10 16 GlimmerandSparkle
Talon Rosedain 10 17 GlimmerandSparkle
Danica Rosedain 10 16 GlimmerandSparkle
Cirena Staford 8 13 Rainfacestar
Mariette Staford 10 16 Rainfacestar
Filivena Staford 10 16 Rainfacestar


  • Echo is on the bank of a lae hidden in the woods, washing her hair.
  • Indigo is bored in some random place.
  • Alto is sketching upstairs.
  • Crimson on the porch, reading.
  • Talon is hanging out on the couch.
  • Danica is wandering around randomly.
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